Texas Hold’em remains to be one of the popular variations of the original poker game. It is pretty much offered in many casinos, including the Newtown Casino in Malaysia.

Anyway, when a player decides to straddle in Texas Hold’em, they are actually putting twice the amount of the big blinder before the cards are dealt to the players.

As the name implies, the ‘blinds’ are simply the bets that are placed by the players prior to having them look at the cards they were dealt with. This is usually set before the game starts.

The big blind, contrary to its moniker, is actually the smallest or minimum bet that the player has to make. On the other hand, the little blind is basically much larger than the previous one by a third or half of the big blind.

The different blinds signify the position of the particular player that is going to make such bets. The little blind is located left of the dealer, while the big blind is situated right next to the little blind position.

Typically, the player that is situated directly to the left of the big blind will be the one to straddle. After which, all of the players must either call or raise the amount of the straddle bet.

What is a ‘Live Straddle’?

When the straddle is considered “live”, then it pretty much acts like the big blind. If no raises were conducted, the player on the straddle position will have the choice of raising whenever it is their turn to make a move.

Do not worry as a live straddle will usually be called out by the dealer to let anyone know that it is in effect. In the event that the straddle is not in play, it is considered a “dark raise” and the straddle is not given the choice to raise if every other player decides to call.

Any poker game that allows the blind positions are allowed to have the straddle go “live”. If you are playing Mississippi Stud and you happen to advertise a straddle, then the dealer of the game will allow the straddle directly from them.

In some instances, the straddle is allowed from any position and they are allowed to raise whatever amount they wish, which will usually lead to more exciting games.

Usual Straddling Rules in Casinos

Although the notion of straddling can make poker games even more exciting to play, casinos would often impose certain rules for that.

Should straddling be allowed in the game, the most common rule would be that only one position is allowed to straddle (and it is usually the ‘Under the Gun’ position that does this). This position is situated directly to the left of the big blind position.

Furthermore, there are certain limits that may be imposed by the house as to how much straddle bet you can place. Should the player diced to only use straddle as an alternative strategy, they should know of the casino’s rules regarding this beforehand so as to not make a move that may be banned in some areas.