Are you looking for a timepiece with a sleek watch design in Malaysia? If you are on a budget, you may want to go for a quartz watch. This type of timepiece is highly affordable, and accurate. A quartz watch movement doesn’t run through a wound mainspring. It utilizes electricity from a small battery. This battery powers electricity through a small crystal, causing it to vibrate thousands of times each second. Since quartz timepieces utilize electric pluses in order to power the second hand, it makes a distinct “tick tick” movement. Clearly, it is not as smooth as an automatic or mechanical watch. A quartz watch may be affordable, but it is high quality and durable. It depends on few moving parts and electricity, so it is more durable compared to the other.

Pros of owning a quartz watch


Since it has very few moving parts, this type of watch is highly durable, and can get more beating compared to mechanical watches. If you are in an industry that requires tons of dirty, rough work, wear a quartz timepiece every day.


You can buy a quartz watch at a very low price. While nicer looking timepieces can also cost a lot, they are still more affordable than automatic ones.

Accurate time.

So far, quartz is the most accurate among all of the other movements. You will never add or lose seconds all throughout the day.

Less maintenance.

Aside from a battery change each year, there is very little maintenance you need to do on a quartz watch.

Cons of owning a quartz watch

Less romantic.

Many people still think that quartz watches lack the character, romance and charm of mechanical timepieces, because they lack the engineering, technical craftsmanship of mechanical pieces.

No smooth movement.

The quartz watch’s second hand is not as smooth as that of an mechanical or automatic watch.