Although the process of breastfeeding only requires the use of your breasts and your baby, it may sometimes be difficult. It is normal for first-time mothers to be faced with challenges when breastfeeding, which is why over the years, breastfeeding products have been introduced to facilitate the experience. To purchase your preferred nursing supply, or any baby products, visit theonline baby store Malaysia, Dearbaby.

Breastfeeding pillow

Breastfeeding pillows are popular amongst mothers in this day and age. It is comfortable for the baby and helps a mother lift her baby to the right breastfeeding level. This is commonly used by mothers after-child birth. Nursing pillows make it easier for women who are still recuperating from C-section, as they don’t have to bend down or lift the baby to breastfeed. Nursing pillows also enables a mother to breastfeed twins at the same time.

Moreover, using a nursing pillow is beneficial for a mother’s health. It may lessen the strain on the neck, shoulders, and back, especially if you have twins.

An example of a recommendable breastfeeding pillow is the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner. It has been used by mothers for over 25 years. Moms enjoy using this particular nursing pillow because it is comfortable and firm, and it enables mothers to adjust their baby in different positions. Another recommendable nursing pillow is the Natural Boost Adjustable Nursing Pillow. This one was voted the best nursing pillow after C-section. It makes it easier for moms to support and feed their baby, without bending over and straining the area of the incision.

Nursing Bra

Wearing the average, metal underwire bra may not be comfortable during pregnancy and after birth. Your breasts would feel heavy, especially after you start breastfeeding. Nursing bras are a great replacement from your average bras. It supports your breasts and lessens the strain on your back. Avoid wearing nursing bras that are too tight as it may lead to plugged ducts. Also, some nursing bras have bra cups that can be removed, therefore making it easy for mothers to feed their babies.

A recommendable and affordable bra for maternity is the HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity that can be bought on Amazon. These bralettes provide good support and an open-up clasp that can easily be detached for breastfeeding. The bralettes are preferred by mothers due to their elasticity, as it enables women to wear them throughout their pregnancy, even if their breasts grow bigger. Nursing mothers who wish to resume exercising may find it challenging jogging in regular bras.

Their breasts might feel tender or heavy, which would make engaging in physical activity exhausting. The SKROKAN Women’s Bounce Control Wirefree bra was voted to be the best Nursing Sports Bra of 2019. Not only does it provide ample support, but its strap can also be detached which allows a mother to breastfeed or pump before or after exercising.

Breast pump

Another must-have during breastfeeding is a breast pump. They are used to store milk in bottles so it can be given to your baby when you are absent. It can also help relieve discomfort and pressure caused by breast engorgement. There are different types of breast pumps available.

If you’re a busy mum, you could consider purchasing a hands-free breast pump. It’ll be healthful when you’re exhausted. If you’re looking for manual breast pumps, the Sumgott Manual Breast Pump might be perfect for you. This pump can remove plenty of breast milk without using a power source.

Nursing pads

This product is very useful when breastfeeding. You might find your breasts leaking at inappropriate times, and staining your shirt. Nursing pads help avoid that. They can be positioned in your bra to cover the nipple and absorb the leaking milk.

Nipple ointments and cream

Last but not least, buying nipple ointments and cream can be helpful if you have tender, dry or cracked nipples, which tend to happen quite often when breastfeeding. Some mothers find Lanolin-based nipples creams soothing, whilst others prefer to use more natural nipple creams.