If you are going out there to buy one of the best watches for women, you may want to read this article first to find out the latest trends in the industry in 2019.

Go with a Sporty Yet Elegant Vibe

Fossil is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to stylish and functional watches. That being said, although the company still makes exceptional analog watches, it is now trying its hand in creating sports watches and smartwatches that are not only functional but also elegant as well.

Women should look into buying Fossil sports watches simply because they look really good and you can safely use them no matter what the occasion is (except formal events).

Casio is Going Retro

When it comes to inexpensive yet high-quality watches, Casio does not disappoint. Most of the Casio watches that you can find on the market today now sport a retro or classic look and that is actually a good thing.

For instance, you can find one of their old digital watches that now come with elegant gold straps to make it even more stylish.

Junghans Putting in the Innovation

The company has actually created watches for quite some time now and although it is not as popular as the other watchmaking brands, it still puts up some really exceptional timepieces.

Its Max Bill model of watches may look simple on the surface, but the reality is that it actually comes with a great degree of craftsmanship inside. Furthermore, all of the said watches that come from the aforementioned collection gives the user the ability to change straps on the fly without needing any tools at all.

Rosefield Bringing in Individuality

Dress watches should always be considered if you are going to a formal event but the Rosefield watches, specifically, their Dutch sub-brand provides you with elegant timepieces that not only can be worn on formal occasions, but also on sporting events as well. If I were to describe the Dutch watches in two words, those words will be sporty and elegant.

Fashion and Trendy with Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a designer brand that creates women’s apparel and more. In fact, the company has created elegant and fashionable watches that women will surely love.

If you are a fashionista, it is imperative that you think about getting Michael Kors watches. Trust me, these watches will not disappoint.

Watches Are the ‘Jewels’ of the Arm

Although watches may not be the first things that come to a woman’s mind, it is definitely something that women are going to spend money on. Not only does it tell the time but when paired with other great accessories, it can really make the woman more stunning and beautiful than ever before.

The good thing is that stylish watches are not that expensive. Anywhere between $200-$500 should suffice when it comes to a good-looking and functional watch.

You can also give a watch to your friends as a gift.