The LA6 POE LED Signal Tower from PATLITE is the most advanced, completely configurable signal tower series available, now with Ethernet (Modbus/TCP UDP) connectivity. Through a networked Ethernet cable, the LA6-POE may read and write all essential data. It also supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), thus no input and output modules for PLCs or running wires are required. The LA6 series includes multi-color LEDs that can display 21 colours, an 11-button buzzer, animated pattern capabilities (using the internal timer function), and an unlimited flash rate option to meet the needs of individual users. Users are no longer confined to the standard 3- or 5-stack lights with pre-programmed coloured light modules. Instead, the LA6 contains clear modules with multi-color LEDs, allowing customers to tailor the signal tower to their unique needs.


The LA6’s light and sound patterns can be programmed using free, simple PC software. To display all of the programmes from the PC, the LA6 Patlite Poe Signal Tower can be controlled by a PLC utilising basic discrete I/O or Modbus/TCP UDP.


The LA6 was created to address the shortcomings of regular stack lights, one of which being the inability to view individual stack light modules over broad factory floors. When an error occurs, the LA6 can be configured to display a single, solid colour throughout the entire device, which will solve the problem.

Patlite Poe Signal Tower

Even from the outermost reaches of a factory, it is clearly apparent.


Another issue with present stack lights is that they simply show a single flashing light when an error has occurred and provide no extra information. The LA6 can be designed to display a variety of processes using various colours and warning sounds, such as identifying the severity of a machine error, showing the progress of a machine process, or graphically exhibiting the depletion of tank fluids in real time. It can even be utilised in a countdown mode to help keep a production line moving.


Workers can visualise and interpret more precise and detailed machine information without being linked to an HMI when working at a distance. This data may be distributed in real time throughout the factory floor, enhancing efficiencies and reducing the need for more complex, large-scale capital investments.


With a 60mm diameter, the LA6 signal tower is straightforward to retrofit/upgrade utilising an existing pole or wall attach brackets. Other requirements include:

  • DC Rated Voltage
  • Each unit has 24 V, 21 colours, and 11 alarms.
  • At 1 metre, the alert is 85 decibels.
  • -25°C to +60°C Operating Ambient Temperature
  • The maximum current through the signal wire is 70 milliamperes.
  • IP65 (Ingress Protection) (with alarm IP54)

There are three LED stack models and five LED stack models to choose from.

  • UL508, CSA-C22.2 No.14, CE, RoHS, FCC Part 15 Superpart B, Class B, UL508, CSA-C22.2 No.14, CE, RoHS, FCC Part 15 Superpart B, Class B
  • A microcontroller in the tower controls full-color LEDs.
  • Software settings that can be rewritten

The LA6 REVOLITE can be used for a wide range of applications, including the automotive, aerospace, construction, packaging, processing, semiconductor, and medical industries, as well as airports, retail establishments, and transportation.