When it comes to buying a new watch, it is crucial to note that one size doesn’t fit all. Find the perfect timepiece that fits your wrist perfectly. Take watch sizing seriously. While there are no set of calculations or rules in finding the right shape and size for your wrist, you can follow some tips to end up with a proportionate watch.

Do you want to buy a new mechanical watch in Malaysia? Below are some important guidelines that you can use in buying and wearing the perfect timepiece.

How to measure your wrist size?

Before buying a watch, you must first check your wrist size. Whether your wrist is thick, medium, slender or thin, it will impact how the watch looks on you.

    1. Use a strip of paper, or flexible measuring tape.
    2. Wrap it around your own arm, since this is where the watch band typically sits.
    3. In case you are using a strip of paper, make sure to mark that point where the end meets itself.
    4. Unwrap the paper. Then, lay it next to a ruler. Note the measurement.
    5. If your own wrist is 14cm to 16cm, consider it as thin. 16mm and 17cm is slender. 17cm and 18cm is medium. Then, anything that is above 18cm is categorized as thick.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right Watch

    1. Watch Band Material
    2. Watch Case Diameter
    3. Watch Case Thickness
    4. Watch Band Width
    5. Watch Details

Choosing a watch for your wrist size

  • Go for a timepiece with a minimal design. Minimalist watches are everywhere, and is appreciated by many because of its versatility.
  • When it comes to watch case thickness, 6mm to 8mm is ideal for those with thin wrists. 8mm to 12mm is most suitable for people with medium wrists. Lastly, 14mm to 18mm are best on thick wrists.
  • If you have thick wrists, settle for a watch with a broad band and big case.
  • If you have a slender or thin wrist, choose a timepiece with a slim or small band.
  • Thin bracelets and bands are perfect for slender wrists, while thicker metal styles look great on bigger frames.