Did you know that about 8 out of 10 curious people will read the article’s headlines, but only a measly 2 out of 10 actually click on it?

A blog post’s headline is quite important in that it can make or break the success of your blog. That being said, how exactly do you create better headlines? Well, I happen to have the keys to help you find out how, so do read on.

Make Multiple Headlines

Wait, you’re probably confused as to why you need to write multiple headlines. Well, these different headlines will actually be jotted down only for you to choose the best ones out of the bunch.

Veteran bloggers can attest the effectiveness of this strategy. The question now would be: how many headlines to write? Well, there is no specific number, but I find 5 headlines to be plenty.

As for how you should choose the best headline, you can do it in two ways. First is that you trust your instinct and choose what you think is best. The second is a more systematic approach where you use a headline analyzer to help you choose the right one based on certain metrics.

Add Numbers to Your Title

According to a study published by Conductor, 36% of their respondents actually clicked on an article link if they find number as opposed to titles that are made completely out of the text.

For example, among the two, which one are you most compelled to write? “How to Grown Your Email List?” or “4 Tactics I Used to Help Me Grow My Email List by 125% in 3 Months?”. I am willing to bet that you chose the second one simply because you instinctively believe that the writer knows what they’re talking about.

Aside from using numbers, in a separate study, the researchers found that using odd numbers provide better results as opposed to using even numbers.

Use Parentheses or Brackets

Another way that compels readers to click on a blog post link would be for the writer to add either parentheses or brackets into their title.

You can use either of them depending on whether you want to spark curiosity, as a reference to additional bonuses, or to help boost credibility.

Research done by Hubspot revealed that articles with parentheses were actually clicked 38% more than articles that do not have them.

Use Questions

If you write something that piques your readers’ interest, then that would be a great thing to do. In order for you to do that, you can post a question as your topic title.

But, do not just use a question just for the sake of it, but rather, ask questions that aren’t that easy for your audience to answer.
For instance, you can use something like, “Are You Committing These 5 Common Blogging Errors?”

Leverage SEO to Help Your Content Be Found Much Faster

It is without a doubt that most bloggers these days know the importance of well-researched keywords. That being said, only a couple of them know how to utilize those keywords in a way that helps improve their SEO performance.

You have to use your keywords not only in the main body of your article, but also in your title, subheadings, meta description, and even footnotes (if you have them).

Using keywords in these strategic places will help people find your content much faster.