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The ruptures of the water networks represent a big problem for the management organizations. Expenses may increase due to pipeline repair operations.

The ruptures of the water networks represent a big problem for the management organizations. Expenses may increase due to pipeline repair or replacement operations. However, it is possible to prevent certain types of breakage by using quality materials. A critical element of the network is the junction point between the two pipes, for this reason it is very important to use certified and reliable accessories. In this article, we will address the subject of compression fittings and how to recognize their quality.

The importance of the gasket in compression fittings

Compression fittings are one of the most widely used types of products on the market for joining pipes up to diameter 110 mm.

The quality of the elastomers used in the gaskets, as well as the choice of raw materials, are critical in the creation of this sort of accessory. Choose the fittings distributor malaysia wisely. 

The joint is necessary to guarantee the perfect seal between the elements to be connected, that is, between the fitting and the tube. Here are the functions of the board:

Compensate for irregularities on the surface of the tubes in the contact areas, such as small grooves etc;

  • Maintain the required level of elasticity and hardness over time;
  • Maintain technical and performance requirements under various environmental conditions;
  • Always guarantee the perfect hydraulic seal at the expected operating pressure values.
  • Using certified accessories that have quality gaskets installed, reduces the chances of malfunction or losses and guarantees optimal performance over time.

fittings distributor malaysia

Technological innovations in mechanical seal systems

Among the characteristics that contribute to the qualitative evaluation of a compression fitting, we also find technological innovations, frequently patented, which are indicators of high performance and higher qualitative standards with respect to the average. Specifically, the traditional closing systems for compression fittings foresee the use of an O-ring type gasket which, although guaranteeing a high-quality standard, has some difficulties in installation. SAB, in order to offer its customers products with better performance, has developed, manufactured and patented an innovative gasket that allows to simplify the connection with the pipes and at the same time to ensure a high mechanical seal.

The main purpose of a pump is to send a liquid from one point to another. It is essential that the hydraulic circuit of the pump is watertight from the pump to the discharge point. For this, we will need to equip ourselves with various accessories and pay particular attention to certain points.

To water, let’s opt for a rubber  hose type  irrigation hose. It is perfect for admitting garden accessories. Their quality varies depending on the number of layers, and we find them with different diameters.

For water distribution (e.g. pumping from wells), it is necessary to install rigid PVC pipes. The aim here is to  conserve the pressure generated by the pump while  limiting pressure losses as much as possible. Generally, these types of pipes are made of PVC pressure. There are different types o  fittings, valves, elbows  and accessories to create our network.

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