If you love traveling, one of the most suggested places go to Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s capital city is a cultural hub and is home to a lot of different shops, museums, nature parks, gardens, and most importantly, food stalls and restaurants!

That being said, there are so many things that you can do. You can take a hike on one of their nature parks, you can go up in one of their tallest high-rise buildings, or you can even enjoy your time with a KL Freelance Girl in Malaysia as well.

Visit the Menara Kuala Lumpur

Also known simply as the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the 421-meter architectural marvel is definitely a sight to behold. In fact, it has been dubbed as the 7th tallest building in the world. Despite the fact that it has been trumped by the Petronas Twin Towers, Menara Kuala Lumpur is still one place you want to visit. It offers a breathtaking view of the entire city, which is a nice thing indeed.

Suria KLCC

The Suria at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center is one of the best pit stops for shopaholics. It is one of the more high-end malls in the city and it is definitely something that you want to visit, especially if you are looking for designer brands and items.


If you are thinking of visiting the Genting Highlands, do not go there through conventional methods. Instead, go there by using the Genting Skyway which provides you with an amazing view of the highlands.

Do not worry as you are not alone. You along with a couple of people will be supervised by an audio guide. The serene scene coupled with the cool breeze of nature is something that you want to enjoy during your skyline trip.

Zoo Negara

Animals are close to Malaysians hearts and their National Zoo is heavily protected. That being said, you can marvel at the many different wildlife species that you can find in the area; mostly Asian rainforest animals. This is definitely something that you and your family should go to when you are in KL.