With the development of the era, the presence of increasingly sophisticated technology, one of which is the presence of the Non-Fungible Token or NFT, where it is an asset that is attached using a token for digital collection, voting, or other forms of governance applications and in the form of games. NFT itself is a crypto currency that can exist outside the blockchain ecosystem, because they exist independently, where they use a digital data storage system so that users can transfer data confidentially to each other, through encryption schemes not in cryptography, so data cannot be tracked and owned. by other users, because they do not own the data. The presence of NFT also collaborates with several works that help the attention of internet users, for example is CryptoPunk, which is a work of art that can be said to be the oldest NFT in the form of pixels. Even so, the NFT has a fantastic value for the price. Therefore, it is necessary to have a desire or appreciation from internet users in order to find cryptopunk NFT art.

CryptoPunks is often considered the first NFT project on Ethereum in 2015, so the NFT is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of the sector that has only recently begun to gain significant mainstream attention.

It can be seen that cryptopunks is a digital asset that accesses 10,000 little thugs in 8-bit style with unique features, so CryptoPunks inspired many crypto artists and even the development of the ERC-721 token standard for digital collectibles. In general, the art displayed is a symbol in the form of a strange face composed of pixels or small squares that form like characters. Many people ask “What is there to appreciate about this strange character?” Even though behind the odd pixel shape, many people can exchange 1 character for an apartment and even a house, because the price has soared fantastically since its first launch.

Some of the reasons why NFT needs to be appreciated, especially for cryptopunks are

  • NFT art has a unique proof of ownership and an information system that cannot be manipulated.
  • In addition, this system gives creators the opportunity to monetize their work at a high price and even earn royalties every time their work is transferred.
  • There is a marketplace that can be accessed digitally anywhere, eliminating the need for creators to chase clients for payment or transaction settlement
  • Creators are free to create without the need to change clients and create work to suit the needs or the market.
  • As previously mentioned, the blockchain system will store data from the first to the most recent transactions. Every time there is a new transaction, there will be a flow of royalties to the sleeper creator. The royalty system usually varies by platform.
  • Global reach for each work marketed.
  • Artwork is not only a collection item but an investment asset.

In short, NFT cryptopunks can be said to be a way to buy digital art, where NFT is a promising investment trend, it seems that the artist community has used it to develop an idea to become a way to get carbon. has been determined. Although cryptopunks have an unattractive form, the appreciation of NFT can be seen from the other side where they have these assets can exchange them for fantastic amounts of money.