sex toy vibrator Secret Cherry Malaysia

If you’re looking for a quiet sex toy, whether it’s for a drive home or just very thin walls, look no further. There are numerous things available to assist you in masking that all-too-familiar buzzing sound.


A Cost-Effective Option

You’d think that with three vibration levels, four pulse settings, a flexible base for inside access, and a brusher design to stimulate your breasts, vulva, and clitoris, this inexpensive godsend of a toy would sound like a 8 a.m construction team. But, happily, it’s billed as “quiet but powerful,” which means you may enjoy a wide range of orgasms without bothering your parents.


When your bae is unable to accompany you home

This top-selling couple’s toy already has a lot going for it: it’s malleable, hands-free, waterproof, rechargeable, and comes with a variety of quieter settings. When you can’t be physically near each other, it comes with an app that you can operate from anywhere, which means Skype chats have just gotten a whole lot better.

sex toy vibrator Secret Cherry Malaysia

When you need a quick fix, this is the tool you use.

This teeny-tiny bullet delivers a pulsing punch and even heats up for sensation play, all while blending in seamlessly with your home’s background noise. So, if you’re insatiably thirsty before the family’s hot chocolate, you can definitely squeeze in a quick orgasm.


When you want to brag about how amazing your sex life with bae is, this is the shirt to wear.

This unobtrusive vibrator disguised as a simple minimalist necklace is as discreet as they get, and you’ll have the added delight of your aunt admiring your partner’s wonderful gift jewellery selection. It’s literally Joan’s pen necklace from Mad Men, complete with fantastic bonuses, so you have to get it.


For when you’re Charlotte York in the sheets *AND* at the dinner table of your future mother-in-law.

The Rabbit is perhaps the best sex toy, and if it’s a must-have in your sex life, it has to go in your luggage. This version is sleek enough to fool your grandfather into thinking it’s merely a sculpture of a bunny climbing a really huge carrot, and it features a lock option to avoid unexpected start-ups at the airport terminal. If the vibrations are still too strong for you, it can still be used as a standard dildo.


When you’re looking for body-shaking orgasms, this is the place to be.

This is excellent for when you’re both full from dinner but have been secretly aching for your man’s wood ever since you watched him chop a log for the first time. Simply place it on his penis and set it to “pressure-activated” mode for when you’re certain your folks have gone downstairs.


When you need that special touch

Although it resembles the lie detector from Meet the Parents, the mild vibrations are just as effective for hand tasks as they are for clitoral stimulation, so you can let it snow all night.


When you want all the bells and whistles but your grandmother has wolf-like hearing.

Maybe don’t bring it in the original box with “ASS-BERRIES” on the front (since by law of nature, your mother will find it), but this butt plug is the perfect accessory to bring home for the holidays when you want a little anal play but can’t listen to Prince with your folks. You may also use the vibrating feature to give yourself a Christmas boost when Mom and Dad go grocery shopping. If you’re looking for a vibrator, Secret Cherry Malaysia has sex toy vibrators for sale.