1. Organize your workspace and time.

Are you a newbie event planner who wants to be successful in the near future? Well, learn from the most experienced professionals in the industry. According to experienced planners from the top event planning and management companies in Malaysia, developing good habits can bring about a more productive routine.

2. Stick to a budget.

Use Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or any type of event planning tool is important to monitor every expense. Leverage on technology to hone in on the tasks that give big returns. At some point, people will be tempted to spend more as the event date comes nearer. It is the job of a planner to help them stay within the budget.

3. Set achievable, clear goals.

Event planning is a stressful routine, even for the most experienced professionals. Even if you are religiously checking your event planning checklist, things may really go wrong. The most important thing here is that you are guided by your own goals. Motivate yourself. Move to the right direction.

4. Work on detailed contracts.

The more details your initial wedding vendor contract has, the lower the chances of manipulation and misunderstanding. Whether you are organizing a family reunion or fundraising event, deal with contracts properly. Reading contracts up front can be tedious, but this can save you tons of headaches and hours in the long run.

5. Minimize last-minute event changes.

To organize an event, you need to work with plenty of consultants, sponsors, stakeholders and talents. Set your expectations with each one of them, so you there would be a cut-off point for adjustments and changes.

6. List down all “five-minute tasks.”

Time management is the key to a successful event planning routine. There are lots of tasks that you can work on whenever you have a short free time. Make time for these quick jobs as soon as possible. That way, you can focus on more important things.